Tuesday, April 11, 2006

That's more like it

Well, now that's better:

I reknit the body on smaller needles, finshed the whole sweater, sewed down the neckline, and HATED it!
Too flashdancey, too big, unflattering when worn with anything underneath. SOOOOO..... I unsewed the neckline and ripped back and re-knit, and resewed the neckline.
Fit is much better.
But now it's swaying and biasing a bit, and you know what -- I don't care! I love the sweater and it's staying as is.

Since the last post, I''ve been to France... no one knits in France it seems. The only evidence of knitting I found was a very old woman sitting at the Arles morning market with a folding table holding handknit slipper socks and a couple apples for sale. The socks seemed to be knit with two strands of oddball yarn in glum colors.