Monday, March 13, 2006

Rip off

I broke my own rules. I didn't double check gauge once I got going on the sweater. I didn't bother to put the sweater on a string and try it on.
And now I'm paying for it.
Not only did I run out of yarn, but my linen Hourglass sweater is too big. See the bagginess under the arms? Where's my waist? And the sleeves are too short. I wanted it to look like
Instead it looks like this:

I knit the sleeves on vintagey green plastic double points, and gauge was right on. The body was on a Susan Bates circular (really not bad for a cheap needle), and I just went into mindless knitting land, round and round, and neglected to notice that my stitches were very loose. So out it comes..... sleeves to be lengthened by two inches and the body to be re-knit on smaller needles.

This is a tough knitting lesson. I wanted this sweater DONE (black, beige, white tweed linen -- I'll throw it on every day!) But I'd rather re-knit this thing than have a garment with a fit I do not like.


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