Monday, February 06, 2006

Felted Hearts

My valentine this year will be a knit and felted heart..... embroidered prettily (I hope) with a charming message.

The hearts were easy -- I cast on two stitches of Patons worsted on a size 10 needle. Knit one row, purled one row. Then I increased on both sides of each right side row, using a kf&b increase one stitch in from the edge as it grew. When the heart was about 4 inches long, I knit straight for about 2 inches. Then I worked one decrease on each side of the heart before separating in the center to work the two top humps of the heart. Pretty much eye-balled it.... and it felted nicely by hand. I scrunched it in my hands under hot water, then under icy cold, then under hot. Back and forth until I could no longer see the stitches.

Knitted hearts seem to be an apropos valentine this year, since I've become increasingly occupied with the knitting. In addition to teaching classes at my LYS, I'm knitting more than I ever have before. Someone on a blog somewhere (can't find it again!!) made a great observation that we really should thank those who live with us for tolerating the ever-present knitting. How would I feel if my husband took his model-building, whittling, what-have-you hobby everywhere with him?? If he whittled whenever the TV was on, in the car, at soccer games, while on the phone, etc. would I not find him odd? Really cracked me up. I knit during every tv show, every movie, while I'm reading if it's just stockinette.

Also, second pair of Jaywalkers underway in Lorna's Laces Denim. Not my personal color combo fave (I'm a bright color gal), but these are for a friend who really truly loves handknit socks and who gave me the yarn... and who is beyond deserving.


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