Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Another small finished object

Right now I have several sweatery things on the needles, long-winded, epic projects that are taking a long time.
So I whipped out a Strawberry Cap for my niece (Ann Norling pattern).

I used some Patons worsted wool reclaimed from a never-worn scarf. Funny thing is that I followed the pattern, for once, and at the designated gauge of 5 sts/ inch the hat fit ME. It also fit a moon-headed 12 year old. Since it was intended for a pin-headed 3 year old, we had to start over.
Even at the "6 month" size, the hat fit my 6 year old model.

So I threw it in the wash with the whites and shrunk it. And it worked! Not only is the hat smaller, it is denser and fuzzier too. Semi-felted strawberry


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